Priapus Shot

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that is still being studied by researchers. One of the most insightful discoveries is that many factors affect a man’s ability to achieve and maintain erections. One such insight involves the understanding that, like other areas of the body, the tissues of the penis undergo changes with age. Specifically, the cells break down faster than the body generates new cells. In men, this may translate into erectile dysfunction. We have used the priapus shot on Murfreesboro men to successfully improve erectile function.

What is the Priapus Shot?

The Priapus Shot, also known as the P Shot, is a formulation that contains a concentration of growth factors that are extracted from your blood. These growth factors are found in the highly concentrated Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. Injecting PRP into the penile tissues has shown to improve cell development that improves your ability to achieve and maintain erections. A topical numbing cream is applied for your comfort.

Helps Treat

  • Poor Blood Flow
  • Nerve Damage or Poor Sensitivity
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peyronie's Disease

Benefits of the P Shot for Murfreesboro Men

  • No surgery required
  • May reduce dependence on medications, implants and pumps
  • Treatment takes less than one hour
  • Natural solution for erectile dysfunction

What to Expect from the Priapus Shot

When we discuss the priapus shot with Murfreesboro men, they have many questions about the treatment. The injections are made at several sites along the penis using a very small needle. No downtime is needed. You can continue your regular activities, including having sexual intercourse. The changes to the tissues from the growth factors in the shot begin to work immediately, but it may take a few weeks for you to notice a difference.

Learn More About the P Shot for Murfreesboro Men

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