Hyperhidrosis in Murfreesboro

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating. While it is not a serious health condition, it is embarrassing to one who suffers from it, sometimes to the point where they are reluctant to socialize. The person doesn’t even need to be especially hot to find themselves suddenly and inexplicably drenched in sweat. They also give off the humiliating odor that comes from sweating skin.
The areas where the sweating usually occurs are the under arms, the soles of the feet, the palms and other places on the body. The volume of sweat and where it comes from differs from one person to the next. Doctors still do not know what causes people with hyperhidrosis to sweat so profusely, though they assume that something is awry with their sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system controls the actions in the body over which people have no conscious control.
Some people have conditions that cause them to sweat profusely. These include diabetes, menopause, some drugs, obesity and overactive thyroid. Other people have no idea why they have hyperhidrosis.

How We Can Help

Our clinicians at Elite Medical Aesthetics in Murfreesboro can help. Many people are surprised to learn that BOTOX® injections are very effective when it comes to treating hyperhidrosis that affects their underarms. This is the same BOTOX® that is used to soften the look of facial lines. BOTOX® works by stopping the action of a neurotransmitter. Once this neurotransmitter is deactivated, the glands that produce sweat cannot receive its signals. The effect lasts about six months.

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