BOTOX® and Dysport®

BOTOX® in Murfreesboro

Some of the earliest signs of aging develop on the forehead and around the eyes. We offer BOTOX® in Murfreesboro to help you look younger.

How It Works on Lines and Wrinkles

The wrinkles that develop in the upper portion of your face are caused by muscle contractions. Known as “dynamic wrinkles,” these lines develop as:
  • Crow's feet
  • Vertical lines between the eyes
  • Horizontal lines on the forehead
BOTOX® contains an active ingredient that temporarily affects the muscles, thus allowing the skin time to relax. This means that your lines and wrinkles gradually soften.

The Procedure

During your BOTOX® appointment at Elite Medical Aesthetics, one of our trained aestheticians administers BOTOX® using a very small needle. We make several injections along the muscles that are causing your wrinkles. The results may last four to six months, and you can have touch-up treatments about every four months.
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Dysport® in Murfreesboro

Dysport® is an injectable treatment for lines on the forehead and around the eyes. The area develops some of the earliest signs of aging, and our experts offer Dysport® in Murfreesboro to help you look younger.

How Frown Lines Develop

The horizontal lines across your forehead and vertical lines between your eyes develop when you contract certain facial muscles to frown and use other facial expressions. This is why these wrinkles are commonly referred to as “frown lines.” Another area that develops the same type of wrinkles is the corners of the eyes where you have “crow’s feet.” Dysport® works on these types of wrinkles by affecting the muscles in the upper portion of your face that you use for some facial expressions.

The Dysport® Treatment

Our Nurse Practitioners are experts with administering this for men and women who want to look younger. The product is injected into the muscles, and this causes the muscles to relax. Initial results take a few days, and full results take less than one week.
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